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Love at first sight!


When Ruth told me that Uncle Ernesto's gozzo was for sale, I didn't hesitate a second: "Let's take it!"

This is how our adventure began ...


The boat looked perfect concerning the floating structure (shell, keel) and propulsion (engine, propeller), but rather battered for the rest (deck, cockpit, seats, hawk, rudder).


I started the "restoration" of this characteristic Ligurian boat, rich in history and charm. As it was my first experience as a boat restorer, I was excited and intimidated in equal measure. Every morning, sunny or rainy, I was very aware of the hard and new job that awaited me.


Every difficulty or problem encountered was solved, thanks also to the expert advice of two master carpenters of the lake and the precious and constant support of Ruth, who on many occasions helped me in completing this work.


To cut, to smooth, to screw, to glue, to resinate, to paint ... 120 hours of dust and sweat but with joy and happiness in the heart. At the end the result was appreciated by everyone, including those in disbelief!


Today the gozzo "Luisa" has returned to the splendor of the past, plowing the waters of the lake with the elegance of a swan and the solidity of a tugboat.




We are looking forward to seeing you on board. 

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